About Us

Dr. Pamela S. Barr
Interim Chair, Department
of Managerial Sciences
Professor of Managerial Sciences

Academic Areas in Managerial Sciences

A large and diverse unit, the Department of Managerial Sciences at the Robinson College of Business has a number of different academic areas, representing both areas of expertise of our faculty and, in some cases, areas of concentration or academic majors offered.


The faculty in the Department of Managerial Sciences includes over 50 people with expertise in areas as varied as entrepreneurship, leadership, power, strategy and personnel selection. In 2007, The Chronicle of Higher Education listed Managerial Sciences at GSU among the top 10 departments in faculty productivity using a “Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index.” The index compiles institutional rankings on 375 universities that offer the Ph.D. degree. In compiling this index, faculty members can be measured on books published; journal publications; citations of journal articles; federal-grant dollars awarded; and honors and awards.


We offer a wide variety of courses in many specialized areas, and our flexible curriculum allows students to custom-tailor the Managerial Sciences degree to fit their particular interests and goals. Students in Managerial Sciences develop strong communication and team-building skills while working with state-of-the-art information technology. All courses in the program recognize the supply chain concept of the organization – from customer through ultimate supplier.

Affiliated Units

Human Resources Executive Roundtable

Through the work of the invitation-only Human Resources Executive Roundtable, the department strives to enhance the effectiveness of members in achieving their organizational goals. Programs are developed with topics chosen from membership surveys, led by experts or as roundtable discussions driven by questions from the members. The roundtable attracts membership from such prominent companies as Coca-Cola, Mirant and Turner Broadcasting.

Logistics/Operations/Supply Chain Management Roundtable

Founded in January 2011, the Logistics/Operations/Supply Chain Management Roundtable is a gathering of corporate executives who have senior-level responsibility for logistics, operations, procurement and supply chain development within their firms. Membership is by invitation only. The over-arching purpose of the roundtable is to enhance the professional development of its members in a noncompetitive environment. The roundtable has prominent members from UPS; The Coca-Cola Company; Georgia Ports Authority, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia; and CSX, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.