Organizational Behavior

The field of organizational behavior deals with understanding and managing people in the workplace. This includes people as individuals, people in work groups and people collectively in organizations. Faculty members in organizational behavior work with students at all levels (undergraduate, MBA, PMBA, EMBA, MS, Ph.D. and executive training) to develop their understanding of the human element; how it impacts organizations; and how managers should act, both proactively and reactively, to deal with these human realities.

Coursework in organizational behavior helps students analyze issues, events and problems that evolve from organizational structure, human nature, power and political realities, and organizational culture. The organizational behavior faculty has been recruited from national and international searches. They are prepared to familiarize students with the most relevant topics of the day. Courses offered include topics in power and politics, leadership, negotiation, teams and work groups, organizational design, and organizational communication. Courses in organizational change and managerial consulting are also emphasized at the MBA and MS level.