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Faculty Spotlight: “The Strategist”

Pamela S. Barr, Department Chair and Professor

Ph.D., Universeity of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
MBA, Bradley University; BS, Bradley University

Pamela S. Barr

In her courses on strategic management, competitor analysis, and strategy formulation, Pamela Barr’s goal is to help her students see that the answer to better firm performance is usually complex, difficult to pinpoint, and involves careful integration of value-creating activities within firms, as well as a strong understanding of the competitive environment.

The end game, according to Barr, is ensuring that her students learn to think strategically by looking multiple steps ahead and considering what needs to be accomplished not only from the functional level but also at the organizational level and articulating how units within an enterprise should work together to meet
strategic objectives.

She recently did just that as co-chair of the committee that articulated the goals and supporting initiatives for GSU’s Strategic Plan for 2011-2016/21. Barr was true to her philosophy throughout the process, working with her fellow committee members to ensure that all components of the university were represented in
the information-gathering process from its earliest stages.

Barr, who is interim chair of the Department of Managerial Sciences, has conducted research demonstrating that how managers think is strongly associated with the timing and content of strategic action, a line of research that helped move this idea into the mainstream. With this understanding, businesses can better
identify opportunities to help managers avoid common biases and blind spots in decision-making and develop ways of thinking that make them more effective.

Her research appears in leading journals including Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Management Studies, and has been reprinted in a number of anthologies. She is co-author of a book, A Cognitively Anchored Theory of Strategic Change, which was a 2001 George R. Terry Book Award finalist.