Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Department of Managerial Sciences offers one undergraduate major: Managerial Sciences.

All students will take three required courses (9 credit hours) and four additional 4000-level Managerial Sciences courses (12 credit hours).

Required Major Courses:

MGS 4000 Managerial Decision Making
MGS 4300 Managing Human Resources
MGS 4700 Operations Management

The faculty strongly urges students wanting to maximize career opportunities to focus the majority of those four additional courses in one of four career tracks. These tracks are simply suggestions; however, students should be mindful that they have to take a Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW) class in order to satisfy the CTW requirement set out in section 1430 of this catalog. The courses that satisfy the requirement for a 4000-level CTW course are marked with an * in the lists below.

Human Resource Management

  • MGS 4360 Selection
  • MGS 4390 Compensation
  • MGS 4320 Legal Env. of HRM*

Business Analysis

  • MGS 4020 Business Intelligence
  • MGS 4110 Analysis of Bus. Data
  • MGS 4120 Optimal Res. Alloc.
  • MGS 4140 Business Modeling


  • MGS 4500 Entrepreneurship
  • MGS 4550 Family Business*
  • MGS 4560 Small Bus Mgt.

Operations Management

  • MGS 4710 Supply Chain Management
  • MGS 4730 Project Management
  • MGS 4740 Operations Strategy
  • MGS 4760 Total Quality Mgt.
  • MGS 4770 Service Operations Mgt.*

Students following one of these tracks would choose a fourth elective course (any course with a MGS prefix, including courses from the other three career tracks).