Business Analysis

The overall goal of the concentration in business analysis is to provide the student with specialized training in the use of advanced analytical techniques for managerial decision making. These areas span data analysis, management science, operations management, project management, business intelligence, and decision support systems.

The contextual topics include data warehousing, data mining, online analytical processing, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management. This concentration prepares the student for careers in business analysis, business intelligence, project management, information analysis, business development, and competitive intelligence. The business analysis student will also be well-prepared to pursue analytically oriented careers in various functional areas like marketing research, financial/investment analysis, risk/benefit analysis and strategic intelligence.

Required Courses (9 semester hours)

The following courses are required for the Business Analysis concentration:

MGS 8020 Business Intelligence
MGS 8040 Data Mining
MGS 8150 Business Modeling


For electives, select an additional three semester hours for a concentration from the following courses:

MGS 8030 Knowledge Management
MGS 8110 Applied Regression Analysis
MGS 8130 Problem Solving
MGS 8140 Management Science Modeling
MGS 8710 Operations Planning
MGS 8760 Quality Management

Electives can be substituted by other relevant courses through prior approval by a faculty advisor.