Operations Management

Operations Management (OM) focuses on the management of resources and activities that produce and deliver the goods and services for customers. OM can play a critical role in enhancing a company’s competitive position by providing superior products and services.

Operations Management is a major for students who wish to be involved in the management of operations process, i.e. the process of manufacturing, service delivery, distribution, and supply. The major in OM provides a framework for linking all functional areas with specific skills developed for OM. The major also provides in-depth analysis of operations decisions such as new product development, project planning and control, supply chain analysis, quality assurance, project and process management techniques, and production systems planning.

Business operations are a critical element of every business, so there is a wide range of opportunities for OM professionals both in manufacturing and services. OM professionals hold a wide range of job titles, such as operations/productivity analyst, operations consultant, materials manager, product manager, production planner, project manager, scheduler, inventory manager, transportation/logistics manager, purchasing/procurement manager, retail services manager, customer service manager, supply chain manager, and quality assurance manager. Banks, hospitals, insurance, airlines, retailing, public utilities, telecommunication, consulting, distribution centers, transportation, and manufacturing companies are just a few examples of organizations that hire OM majors.

Electives to constitute a concentration (12 hours) in Operations Management are chosen from the following list. Some of these courses have prerequisites which must be met. Courses not on the list may be chosen through consultation with a faculty advisor.
MGS 8710 Operations Planning
MGS 8730 Project Management
MGS 8740 Operations Strategy
MGS 8750 Simulation
MGS 8760 Quality Management
MGS 8770 Service Operations Management
MGS 8030 Knowledge Management
MGS 8130 Problem Solving
CIS/CPI 8060 Supply Chain Management
IB 8690 Global Operations Management