Organization Management

Electives to constitute a concentration (12 hours) in Organization Management are chosen from the following list. Some of these courses have prerequisites that must be met. Courses not on the list may be chosen through consultation with a faculty advisor.

MGS 8130 Problem Solving
MGS 8410 Organizing to Compete
MGS 8420 Enhancing Leadership Skills
MGS 8425 Coaching for Leadership
MGS 8430 Negotiation
MGS 8435 Power in Organizations
MGS 8440 Work Team Design and Development
MGS 8450 Organizational Development and Change
MGS 8460 Consulting Practice and Theory
MGS 8500 Entrepreneurship and Enterprise
MGS 8510 Business Plan Development
MGS 8620 Competitor Analysis
MGS 8730 Project Management
MGS 8860 Management Studies Abroad
IB 8090 International Business Environment
IB 8180 Comparative Business Systems
IB 8680 Technology and Global Competition